We are a London based clothing brand offering women's, men's, agender and vintage clothing in black colour only.
We only wear black ourselves, not in a goth kind of way, think, Johnny Cash, Rei Kawakubo, Dave Gahan, Grace Coddington, Yoko Ono, Tom Waits, oh and Darth Vader.
иоко does not produce seasonal fast fashion, but instead develop timeless garments and redefine classics which can be worn effortlessly throughout the year and have an enduring longevity.
We recognize gender ambiguity and want our customers to ignore labels of men and women and instead explore many of our styles which are gender fluid.
Our curated vintage range of one off pieces complement the core collection and is sourced throughout Europe and of course it's black, seriously black. 
Black matches everything you already own, it's always there, the staple, the essential.

T H I N K   B L A C K, think иоко