• We test all our garments to make sure they stay looking as good as new after washing. To keep garments looking their best, always follow the instructions on the care label.
  • Separate your wash into whites, darks, and colours to reduce the risk of colours running.
  • Wash garments with contrast trims or panels separately, the fabrics have been designed to be washed together but may absorb dye from other garments – especially important for black and white clothing.
  • Wash denim and coated fabrics inside out to protect the surface and prolong colour.
  • Used to washing at 40 degrees? Switch to 30, same level of cleanliness and easier on energy.


  • Bleach may be good for cleaning drains; but we do not recommend a harsh chemical to clean our clothes. Please do not bleach.


  • For the perfect press without damage, the dot inside the iron indicates the temperature to set your iron to, the more dots there are, the hotter the iron you can use. You can burn or even melt your clothes if you use the wrong setting, so make sure you check. If your garment has a print or embroidery on, never iron directly onto it, always iron on the inside to avoid damage to the embellishment.

Dyring tumble / natural

  • To get the most longevity out of your clothes, we recommend drying naturally, however our garments can also be tumble dried (see symbol above) but do use a low temperature to conserve energy.
  • Dry knitwear flat as it can stretch when you hang it.

Dry cleaning

  • The dry clean symbol is a circle with a letter inside, due to the chemical based method of dry cleaning; NOKO does not recommending dry cleaning any of its garments. A cross through a circle means do not dry clean


  • When you have had as much pleasure as you possibly can from your NOKO garment, please do not throw it away, donate or recycle. Thanks.