Spotlight on Culottes

Let us introduce you to one of our favorite and most versatile stylish item, Aima the Culottes.

To those who haven’t experienced culottes and are thinking what on earth are these garments, are they skirts or trousers, simply put they look and feel like both.

Culottes are women's knee-length trousers, cut with very full legs to resemble a skirt, but that’s half the story.

 We do not do throwaway fashion, in fact we don’t like the word fashion (here today gone tomorrow) we prefer to design and produce stylish clothes and timeless classics, culottes fit into this design ethic and we are delighted to introduce these everlasting gorgeous culottes to you.

Noko is designed in London by us and these culottes take inspiration (not copied) from a classic French pair we found in a vintage store, our version remain true to form and are super stylish.

We have updated the fabric to be more free flowing and yet retains its shape retention. Made using locally sourced cotton sateen material which is comfortable, lightweight and breathable.

Additionally we also aim to where we can, to make locally and use independently owned businesses (like ourselves) and local artisans to produce our goods. These culottes are a good example of how we wish to produce our goods. Sometimes this leads to slow fashion, we don't make fast disposable fashion.

Hand made and hand finished in London as we are fortunate to have found skilled ateliers who want to work with us producing our product, these culottes in small limited edition quantities.

We will not dictate to you how to wear our clothes, our culottes are designed to be worn by you and you choose how you want to wear them.

Wear them with heels, trainers (sneakers to our American friends) or boots.

We love dressing our styles up, wear these culottes super smart out to dinner, clubbing or partying or wear it simply to work (well hybrid work) and down to the kitchen.

Culottes are possibly (next to jeans) one of the most versatile garments that anyone can have, are they shorts or a skirt… ? forget that, these are both and yes, you can have it all, as long as it’s black.

We love designing and producing our collection and we hope you love them too… any comment or feedback please feel free to address them to me Steve.


Be safe, be yourself. NOKO all black everything