Men’s Skirt - George

We don’t want to be different just for the hell of it… but the idea for a men’s skirt came to me when I was at a music festival… the weather (unusually for the UK) was hot and although I had a pair of shorts on (see style Donald) I really felt I needed more air on my legs!


I did a bit of research and surprise surprise all I could find was kilts… a kilt is a skirt derivative (sorry to all the Scots who think it’s not) but the patterns, lengths and fabrics available were not what I wanted.. so if you want something done well, do it yourself.


Finding a fabric that could look both smart and casual and with enough body (gram weight) to support the pleats was crucial..after some testing I’m delighted that the cotton/Elastane drill we use is extremely durable and after wearing, if the skirt is simply hung up, top tip, hang in the bathroom while showering and the steam created will let the creases fall out.


The fabric we use is also great because it retains the colour after wash and wear very well.


We want black and we want it to stay black.


The style itself with the adjustable waistband is forgiving enough for those days when you want to let it out a little either because you’ve over indulged or you’ve tucked in a sweater instead of a tee.


I like pockets (can’t have too many) the external pocket is perfectly sized for the ubiquitous phone we all carry and the two internal pockets are there for a little bit of security.


The gunmetal buckles give it a little bit of smarts without taking it into bling level.


I’m the model! (our proper guy was unwell on the day of the shoot) in the photos and this is generally how I wear the skirt all year round, generally dressed up with heavy duty boots (in this case Blundstones) and of course my NOKO socks and a black tee.


I have worn it everywhere and pleased to say received many positive comments.

This year we have been asked to make the style more inclusive so after listening we have now added XXL and XXXL to our size range.


As I say, why let the girls have all the fun.. and yes, be brave enough to wear your skirt everywhere, be you, don’t give a damn and show off those leg tats and all that leg days in the gym.

Every piece is meticulously produced by hand by our ateliers in London.

Any thoughts or to share your photos of you in this skirt, please do send to me,

Pleased also to be recognized by The Book of Man in their best skirts to buy. We are number three but I do feel we were robbed by Yamamoto!

Remember this is not a kilt. 

Welcome to NOKO