Spotlight on Short Puffer - Kiko

Spotlight on Kiko.

Kiko is a contrary of styles, a warm duck down filled short coat. 

Kiko is one of NOKO’s best performing styles, we believe simply because of its unique full blown styling and it is so contrary and fits wonderfully well and complements so many of our other styles. 

Who says a coat has to be long to be warm?

Is style greater than function? We believe you don't need to sacrifice style for function. the two can complement each other.

We want our styles to bring out the creative in you, our styles are made to complement your style. 

Kiko is understated but surreal enough to gather interest and there’s enough duck down in our short Kiko jacket to keep anyone warm 

This short double breasted puffer is an anomaly, it shouldn’t exist, because surely if you want a coat to keep you warm and you choose a duck down filled puffer surely it should be long enough to cover your bottom? This is where we at NOKO challenge form and functionality.  The old adage that form should follow functionality is not one we adhere to. 

We believe that fashion for fashion sake is not a promising commitment we believe that style dictates all and our brand reasoning is built on this premise, after all fashion is en vogue, here today, gone tomorrow, while style is adaptable and everlasting. 

You can't buy style, everyone, regardless of wealth, can create style. 

So where does this put Kiko? 

Many of our styles styles do not follow design norms and may possibly be deemed contrary but the design for Kiko as a contrary style was because the need for a short oversized puffer over wrote the need for a full length warmth coat. 

Warmth was a consideration and the style is down filled, but the style was created to also allow the individual wearing it to display the rest of their style. Kiko is your background style to go with everything. 

You can’t put Kiko in a box, it doesn’t fit it one, we believe Kiko to be one of a kind.

We do the styles you set your own rules, just remember there aren’t any, live your life how you want.