Spotlight on Shamina Down Filled Puffer

There are lots of puffer coats out there and there are lots of good puffers but we believe we have truly created an exceptional puffer.


It’s got to have a differential but can’t be different just for the sake of it.


We thought a great deal about the styling and we wanted to keep the essential elements of a long puffer coat.


It had to look like a puffer and be supremely comfortable and cold weather proof but must be lightweight, showerproof but above all stylish.


This style is all that and more.


We built the comfort and puff into the coat with an incredible amount of ethically sourced duck down feathers which keep you both warm in the winter but allows air to circulate and keep you comfortably cool. The down is in the lining of the unusual vertical quilt.


So what makes it not your run of the mill puffer?


Well, the three front buttons are off centered to give a wraparound affect and depending on how you button up can also make the coat asymmetric with either an even or uneven hem line.


We’ve all seen drop shoulders, on shirts and sweats but the drop shoulders on this coat takes it to another level, it’s unusual and quirky (in a good way!) and give the style a unique dimension and silhouette.


To complete the style we have created a high neck collar, when buttoned up creates a shawl neck, left undone remains as a wide exaggerated collar.


Vented sides held with invisible zips allow the coat to widen, ideal for when you want to widen your pace and the option to keep closed with the high neck up when you want to keep all the warmth in.


Coupled with two almost invisible side pockets so deep you’ll never need gloves wrap up this luxurious stylish one of a kind coat.


We like to name all of our styles to give them their own personality. This style is called Shamina, she’s unique and stylish and one of our most popular coats and is a great addition to our range.


Equally stylish dressed up and dressed down Shamina will become your go to coat.


We hope you love this style as much as we do.


Welcome to club NOKO 


Keep safe, stay well.